Shaykh Hafiz Sohail Irfan (db)

Shaykh Hafiz Sohail Irfan Naqshbandi (db) is a learned scholar of Islam and has been formally granted authorization (ijazah) in the Naqshbandi spiritual path (tariqah) by Shaykh Hafiz Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi Mujaddadi (db).

Shaykh Hafiz Sohail Irfan (db) completed Hifz at an early age from Karachi, Pakistan. Then he spent several years spreading the light of the Holy Quran by teaching in local schools and through the blessed work of tabligh. Upon migrating to the United States he continued this valuable work and has been responsible for cultivating numerous huffaz throughout the country.

It was in America that he was introduced to Shaykh Hafiz Zulfiqar Ahmad (db) and soon became one of his top student aides in the field of Tasawwuf. Shaykh Hafiz Sohail Irfan served as the head administrator of the Hifz program at a New York school. He received Ijazah (authorization) in Tasawwuf from Shaykh Hafiz Zulfiqar Ahmad (db) in 2001.

Shaykh Hafiz Sohail Irfan (db) began studying the traditional books of knowledge in the United States from local scholars, later moving to Pakistan in order to study advanced books from more senior scholars. He graduated from Aalim course studies.

In recent years, Shaykh Sohail Irfan is administering his establishment ‘Dar-ul-Irfan’. Shaykh holds weekly majlis of zikr at his Khanqah and regularly delivers lectures in Lahore and other cities and in the footsteps of his Shaykh, he travels around the world to hold gatherings of Ilm and Zikar.

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